I was born on a Tuesday, but there’s nothing graceful about a left-handed, arthritic, foolish and outspoken woman, so I was convinced that I was graceless…until one day the eyes to my soul were opened and I decided to follow God where God is leading me, on a path full of abounding, unconditional grace that astonishes me daily.

God will astonish you, too, if you allow yourself to be transformed by God’s love.

We are all Tuesday’s Children, full of the grace given to us by God through Jesus Christ.

I’m here to help you discover that:

  • God is love, and God loves you
  • It’s never to late to change your life and follow your heart
  • Every day is a gift
  • You can be Spiritual AND Religious
  • Let stuff go…you’re not in charge!

Thanks for visiting, reading & reflecting. Peace.

Lindisfarne Abbey, Holy Island, UK